First Confession and First Communion Program

St Paul the Apostle, St Jean de Brébeuf & Our Lady of Good Counsel


Dear Parents

Children are typically prepared for the sacraments of Reconciliation and Holy Communion around the age of seven. If your child is in the Catholic School System, the grade two curriculum includes material in support of these two sacraments. At St. Paul the Apostle Parish, we strive to work in harmony with the Catholic School and with the parents, no matter where the child is educated. Parents remain the first educators of their children in matters of faith.

At the direction of the Bishop of Peterborough, we have built a small team of volunteers who provide instruction for both children and their parents as they prepare for these sacraments. The material we present is a course of instruction mandated for use in all the parishes of the Diocese of Peterborough.

However, due to the on-going pandemic, our process will need to be different this year. We will provide each child with the standard workbook and each family with the resources prepared by the Bishop's office.

Please complete and submit the form below. We will contact you and work with you as best we can to prepare your child for reception of these great sacraments of Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We commit to protecting your personal information. Data collected on this form is not shared with any other group or organization.